What is Secret Customer Work? What Does It Provide?

Secret customer work is the control of all kinds of service and quality standards that companies offer to their customers. The purpose of the secret customer work is to find your weaknesses with the eyes of the customer and fix them permanently as soon as possible or find your best practices and spread them throughout the organization. Viewing your services from a real customer perspective, not your own, is the most important factor in creating a brand strategy. Institutions measure the quality of the service offered from the customer’s perspective with the Secret customer work they implement. They make a target-oriented performance evaluation. It is a service that helps companies alleviate their concerns about personnel.

At the same time, when companies make these measurements based on their competitors, they find the opportunity to measure their service quality compared to their competitors. In order to get efficiency from secret customer work, it should be applied by institutions at certain intervals. By carrying out periodic mystery shopper studies, deficiencies can be corrected, performance comparisons can be made and the overall service and product quality of the institution is measured.

Who is Secret Customer Work?

The secret customer behaves in the same way as he / she behaves in normal life during the audit, asks questions to the service provider, attempts to complain in problematic situations or applies the scenario as previously stated. The identity and purpose of the mystery customer is unknown to the institution and its employees. After the process is complete, it provides detailed reports on their experiences and detailed visit story.

Things to Consider When Choosing Secret Customer

When choosing a secret customer, it is beneficial to get help from people who are experienced and experts in their fields. It is mentioned in many mystery shopper advertisements that anyone can do this job. However, this is a very sensitive situation for your company and your career and can be turned against you. Secret customer service; It is a team work that is objective, capable of observation, reliable, attentive, cool-blooded, trained in the field and, above all, capable of seeing what is in the details. Our company, which also provides services in detective work, has been dominating this knowledge, skill and detail for many years with experts in its field.
Secret Customer Features:

  • High observation ability
  • Careful and elaborate
  • Honest and reliableLens
  • Strong memory and perception
  • Can act when necessary
  • Able to express their experiences and observations in writing
  • Able to produce practical solutions to cold and instant events
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