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What is Spouse Surveillance?

Spouse surveillance is a surveillance task performed for the purpose of finding evidence for faults committed by one of the spouses, suspicion of cheating and similar crimes.

Is Spouse Surveillance Legal?

There are no legal restrictions to spouse surveillance. Spouses are obliged to live together, remain loyal to and help each other. (Article 185 of the Civil Code)

Private investigators perform spouse surveillance on your behalf provided that an agreement is signed.

What is the Purpose of Spouse Surveillance?

Marriages are unfortunately not as long-lasting as they were in the past in our present living conditions. The bond of marriage weakens in time due to economic, social and cultural reasons during your time together and may lead to undesired consequences. Spouses should refrain from sentimentalism in such cases and receive professional support. Is my spouse cheating on me? How can I understand whether my spouse is cheating? How can I find where my spouse is? If such questions start to pop up in your head, if you cannot communicate as you used to and are suspicious of his or her actions, do not let your suspicions blur your mind. At that point you may have your spouse be surveilled by a reliable private investigator.

You are not required to have filed a lawsuit for having spouse surveillance be conducted. You may have spouse surveillance be conducted for various reasons through a private investigator without filing a lawsuit. This includes spouse surveillance conducted for jealousy. As a result of the surveillance, observing that your spouse has a normal life and that your jealousy was unnecessary will increase your confidence in your spouse and you will be free of unnecessary attitudes and behaviors caused by unnecessary arguments and suspicions. You will learn through spouse surveillance that not all of your suspicions might be true.

You may also have spouse surveillance be conducted to determine the status of his or her workplace or anything he or she may do on his or her routine daily route but hides from you.

However, spouse surveillances requested from private investigators are usually preferred where divorce is being considered or in incidents where a divorce case was filed. You should carefully choose the private investigator to carry out spouse surveillance for you. You will be sharing with the private investigator things that you hide from everyone and you should certainly visit the private investigator you choose for this job in his or her office and get information on the matter because spouse surveillance is a serious job. The private investigator to conduct the spouse surveillance should have the required qualifications, otherwise the spouse surveillance has the potential to turn against you. Spouse surveillance can be conducted not only to determine crimes or faults, but also to predict and take measures for a potential incident.

Suspicion is the key that opens the correct door.”

What Should You Pay Attention to in Spouse Surveillance?

Private investigation companies that were rare in our country in the past have started to become more common. Accordingly, our visitors explain to us that some private investigation companies with unknown owners and unknown training do fraud by making promises they know will not be able to keep, by benefiting from the situation of people through online advertisements. Do not meet with companies that claim to be performing activities for many years under the name of private investigation. Otherwise, you may lose money and time and worse, you may cause your private information to fall into the hands of malicious people.

How is Spouse Surveillance Performed?

You need to come to our private investigation office and provide accurate information about your spouse. Although your spouse will be surveilled by our private investigators, the preliminary information you provide will be used as a source in the surveillance process which will improve the surveillance. The agreement to be signed will clearly specify the number of days and the method of the spouse surveillance and we will instantly share with you all his or her actions and the suspicious persons he or she meets with during the day to evaluate your potential suspicions in order to reach the correct solution. In the spouse surveillance process we provide instant information to you about the matter any time you call. We destroy all the information and evidence obtained by our private investigators in the spouse surveillance process after they are delivered to you. As a result, as Fox Private Investigation we carry out the most accurate investigation for you and report the results to you.

You should carefully retain the obtained information and documents if the purpose of having spouse surveillance conducted is to file a divorce case or to obtain evidence for an ongoing divorce case.

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