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Why Fox Private Investigation?

Fox Private Investigation is a private investigation bureau that offers services on spouse surveillance, evidence collection for divorce and custody cases, student surveillance, address location, premarital investigation, personnel investigation and surveillance, hidden camera and bug detection, secret customer work etc.

We offer services throughout Turkey using the most advanced equipment offered by technology within the boundaries of the law. Our fundamental principle is to prioritize privacy under all circumstances.

We would be pleased to serve you as the “only private investigation bureau holding a diploma from the Faculty of Security Sciences” when you need a private investigator in your life. We hold certificates of “appreciation, achievement and honor certificates” awarded to us for our past services.

Never give your information to persons operating under the title of private investigator who conceal their identity and do not give confidence. The information you provide may be used against you. Fox Private Investigation is your protector, defender and partner from the moment you step into our office!..



Spouse Surveillance is a follow-up task performed to prove the misdemeanor, suspicion of cheating and similar crimes committed by one of the spouses. We tell various methods for spouse surveillance to those who come with the question how to follow a spouse.

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With the divorce case evidence collection, our private detective will assist you in the process of the lawsuit, collecting the necessary evidence that creates a significant difference in order to win the case and provide the necessary guidance and information.

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Collecting evidence for custody cases is the process of obtaining all kinds of information and documents that affect the custody case decisions that determine who should keep the rights of the spouses on the children. An evidence is strong enough to end a case.

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Address location is a detective process in which the exact location of an unknown residence is determined, which is needed for many cases such as divorce cases, alimony cases, fraud and criminal cases, mainly enforcement cases. It is the advanced stage of address finding research.

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Premarital investigation is the study of finding facts that the spouse, fiancé, or lover who is considering getting married is not sure about the other. As Fox Investigation, we investigate to answer your curiosity and present it to you in a report.

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Student surveillance is to present a detailed report to you by investigating what kind of habits your children who are away due to school have, which people they are friends with, where they go. Student surveillance is done physically and digitally.

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Personnel investigation & surveillance is to check the accuracy of the statements, references and documents of a candidate or an in-house employee with our own follow-up and research methods, and presenting them to you with detailed information and documents.

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How is a hidden camera detected, how is it noticed? What should we do to detect whether there is an insect listening device in an environment? Fox Private Investigation is ready to assist you if you suspect there may be a hidden camera or insect device in your car at work or at home.

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With secret customer work, you will measure the quality of the service you provide from the customer’s perspective. With the eyes of the customer, you will find your weaknesses, fix them permanently as soon as possible, or increase your quality and profits.

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