Personel Araştırması ve Takibi

What is Personnel Investigation and Surveillance?

Personnel investigation and surveillance is the process of presenting detailed information and documents about a candidate to be recruited to an institution or a current employee in the institution, in compliance with the laws and using our own surveillance and investigation methods.

What is the Purpose of Personnel Investigation and Surveillance?

The main purpose of personnel investigation and surveillance is to ensure the material and spiritual security and peace of your company.

People usually tend to show their skills and achievements higher than they actually are. If a job or an important position is in question, even misrepresentation, false references and even forged documents can be used. In such case, conducting investigation and surveillance will save you from potential forgery.

As Fox Private Investigation, we diligently investigate the personnel you will hire and prepare a detail report on him. You may thus recruit or reject a potential candidate with complacency.

Personnel investigation and surveillance service assures you of the actions of your suspected employees and allows you to identify and remove the rotten eggs.

How is Personnel Investigation and Surveillance Conducted?

Fox Private Investigation investigates and submits to you the job, family, criminal records and any judicial cases of any employee you plan to recruit or currently employed in your company and also works to determine the accuracy of the information he or she submitted to take the job. We also report to you the positions in which an employee to be recruited worked in the past and the reasons he or she left such companies.

Our investigators specialized on cybercrimes also perform retrospective scanning of the computers or laptops used by your suspected employees or other personnel, and on their past correspondence or the phone numbers used to make calls with company mobile devices. Additionally, spyware loaded outside your knowledge are also detected and eliminated.

What Does Personnel Investigation and Surveillance Provide?

Personnel investigation and surveillance allows you to foresee the benefits or damages of recruiting a candidate employee and take measures accordingly.

In the second part of personnel investigation and surveillance, we conduct works to separate the rotten eggs in your company based on the philosophy that eliminating suspicion invites danger.

For How Long is Personnel Investigation and Surveillance Conducted?

Personnel investigation and surveillance should be continuous. The purpose of this is that incidents are frequently observed where, in a normal working environment employees later perform acts to undermine another employee considered to be a competitor due to certain reasons (jealousy, envy, skipping position) in order to eliminate him or her, in full awareness that it would be at the cost of the company.

As Fox Private Investigation, upon request we investigate and report the assets obtained by your employees after recruitment, within the boundaries of the law.

You may call our private investigation bureau at any time regarding personnel investigation and surveillance.

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