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What is Premarital Investigation?

Premarital investigation is the effort by one of the persons who are a couple, fiancées or lovers that are prospect spouses considering marriage, to find the suspected truths about the other.

What is the Purpose of Premarital Investigation?

You are at the most important milestone of your life. You are about the choose your spouse. Do you believe you have sufficient information about him or her? Does he or she have a criminal record from his or her life before meeting you? Does he or she have bad habits you are unaware of? If you have such questions, Fox Private Investigation will conduct the investigation with you to answer you would like to know about that person and will present the findings to you in a report.

The Importance of Premarital Investigation

Although couples consider that they know each other before marriage and decide to marry, there are many marriages today that start off with very good relations but end soon. It is observed that certain habits cannot be observed clearly during the heat of the relation and relations later end with divorce. Having premarital investigation be conducted through a private investigator to take measures in advance for avoiding such problems will prevent potential future incidents.

How is Premarital Investigation Conducted?

Our private investigators first investigate whether the person you are about to marry was married before and if he or she was divorced, the date of divorce and whether he or she has children from her former spouse. Our experience shows that many incidents are encountered where people try to deceive others by presenting themselves as single although being married or saying things like “I divorced but have no children”.

In premarital investigation our private investigators then obtain information about the criminal record of the person you are to marry.

Another issue in premarital investigation is to collect information about the family of the person you are about to marry. The number of people in the family and their unknowns are in the scope of the study conducted by our investigators.

Not telling the truth about education was observed very frequently in the past premarital investigations conducted by our investigators. People lying about education, which might not be very important for you when you find out, is also encountered very frequently.

The most frequently encountered incident in the premarital investigations conducted by our investigators is persons claiming to be much richer than they actually are and to have very high income. This could be a man or a woman. People can quickly fall for these and decide to marry due to the economic problems encountered today. Our private investigators determined that one of the reasons for this is that certain families with good economic condition prefer someone with good economic condition.

The premarital investigation conducted by our private investigators is not limited to these items and matters that you particularly want to know about the family can also be considered during our meetings.

Towards the end of our premarital investigation, our private investigators also investigate the career of the person in the workplace, his or her code of conduct and relation with his or her coworkers, reputation at his or her residence and also, how the family is known in their surroundings.

All the results of such premarital investigation are collected by our private investigation office and presented to you as a report.

Conducting such an investigation for your children who are about to get married is very important to avoid potential bad incidents that you or your children may face in the future.

Fox Private Investigation conducts premarital investigation meticulously and within the boundaries of the applicable laws for you, future parents who to have a happy relationship, and presents the results in a diligent manner.


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