What is Student Surveillance?

Student surveillance is to present a detailed report to you by investigating what kind of habits your children who are away due to school have, which people they are friends with, where they go.

I want to follow my child? I want to follow my student? Does my child have bad habits? Parents who come to our detective office with their demands are very surprised when they learn that their children have begun to be friend people with bad habits they do not know and do not know.

These bad habits; substance addicts, people with different goals, etc. If you think your child is in friendship with people who have this kind of habit and you are afraid of what will happen, you can contact us.

In this way, we will monitor your child for you and keep you away from bad habits and people with bad habits.

Why is Student Surveillance Done?

Since our children are our future, we, as their parents, have student surveillance that we value them and to protect them from harm. Our children, whom we strive to protect and care for and become a beneficial person to their country and family, from the first moment of conception to the mother’s womb, are like an unfrozen concrete. Whatever falls on it will leave a trace of it.

Growing up in an environment where access to harmful substances is easy and everything is easily accessible on uncontrolled social media requires supervision of our children without them noticing them.

Considering the fact that our children who come to big cities from various parts of our country and live there are used by different groups with various tricks, applying to law enforcement or private detectives in case of doubt will prevent a possible event that you will experience in the future.

How is Student Surveillance Done?

Student surveillance starts when you come to our detective office and give information about the contract you will make and your child.

Student surveillance is carried out by our detective friends who are retired after working in the child branch who are experts in their field. These detectives are able to predict the next move of the child in the student surveillance they have previously held in these tasks and develop strategies accordingly.

After informing you about how and for how many days the student follow-up will be done, the path to be followed is determined. These are physical and virtual tracking. During the follow-up, there is a constant connection between the family and the detective in charge.

It is recommended that student follow-up is done for a total of seven days, including the weekend.

Physical follow-up during student follow-up (if the service is not used) continues until the student leaves the house and returns home.

Our detectives follow the student, after the child leaves the house, the café where the student stops on the road to the school, etc. notes the places.

The people with whom he speaks on the way and his friends with whom he went to school are determined. Students are not followed in the school. All his movements are kept under control by our detectives until he returns home by following the same path after school.

If the student who is followed has gone to a different place when he should have gone to school, the situation is notified to the family by our detectives and the address he / she went to is determined. The aim here is that it can be an undesirable place as well as a place that the family knows.

Another student surveillance is the digital follow-up, the family decides on this type of student follow-up, as well, by installing a licensed follow-up program on devices such as laptops, tablets, and mobile phones used by the student. These programs are legal and are purchased and installed by experts.

Result in Student Surveillance

Although there is constant communication between the family and our detectives during the course of the student surveillance, our private detectives who follow the student personally, in addition to the information and documents obtained, prepare a report stating their opinion on the result and the situation of the student and deliver it to the family.

In the ever-evolving and changing world we live in, it is very important to protect our children. This era, in which you cannot be sure who the people they are friends with, is like a whirlpool waiting to absorb our children.

Fox Detective aims to protect our children without falling into these situations and to inform their parents. If our students have suddenly changing moods; If his success in his lessons is going negatively and you observe a change in his character, it is time for you to apply to a detective.


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